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Born in Paris in 1960, now living in Bristol, England, Lucianne  has made sculpture since she was a child.  She grew up in a bohemian artistic environment, her mother is a potter and her father is a painter.

The human form has always been Lassalle’s passion.  It holds endless possibilities albeit just as pure sculptural form or as a socio-political reflection or comment.  There is a passionate exploration of movement hugely influenced by contemporary dance and physical theatre, figures fly, fall and dance through space.


 “I see the human form as the interface between the mental, emotional and spiritual processes inside and the external manifestation of these in the world.  I am fascinated by the complexity of the human experience and from this I am compelled and inspired to make sculpture” Lucianne Lassalle


With desolation, arrogance, joy, tenderness the human form is marked, twisted, bent and stretched authored by different states of being.  The human form also leads her investigation into aspects of human nature often referring to the archetypes of ancient mythologies especially Greek. Here one can see Lassalle’s obsession with the myth of Icarus, this subject allows her to express a wide range of movement,  she depicts him awakening, flying and falling.

"Some of the work subtly ‘has a go’ at male machismo while simultaneously paying tribute to the whole classical culture that was largely their invention" Howard Male

Integrating human, animal and earth energies; merging ancient and contemporary mythologies of gods and mortals.  The rawness of the animal forces and the sacredness of the angelic forces work their way through to the body surface cracking open the thin veneer of civilisation and social mores as Lassalle redefines and celebrates the exuberant wildness and freedom that is inherent in our inner nature.

"In the tension, movement and sheer life in the craft of Lucianne Lassalle there is a feeling of anticipation that asks a question of you every time you see it. On seeing her sculpture one is struck by the beauty and powerful expressiveness of the form and its inherent flexibility as a vehicle to inspire" Jeff Pirie

Lassalle works from the life model, as well as from photos and memory.  Working on pieces on all scales from 15cm to 2 meters, she works in initially in clay the sculpture is then cast into limited edition Bronzes or resins.